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Moroccan-inspired nourish bowl with a creamy sauce drizzled on top, next to golden cutlery on a yellow napkin.

Moroccan-Inspired Nourish Bowl

This Moroccan-Inspired Nourish Bowl is so delicious with its warm flavor and spicy dressing. It’s so easy to put together and has minimal dishes, which is perfect for a feel-good midweek dinner! The oven does most of the work, and…

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Sarah Cobacho, nutritionist at a desk with computer screen and vibrant pink smoothie with a gold straw.

About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah Cobacho, a plant-based nutritionist and recipe developer!

As a nutritionist, I bring a deep understanding of health and wellness to every dish I create, ensuring that each one is not only delicious but also supports your well-being and longevity.

Whether you’re looking for high-protein recipes, meal-prep recipes, quick and easy meals, delicious breakfasts, or homemade staples like this delicious GF buckwheat bread—you are in the right place! Every recipe is vegan and super nourishing!

I’m so grateful you’re here, and I look forward to hearing how you enjoy our recipes in the comments!

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