30 Plant-Based Meal Prep Recipes

30 super nourishing meal-prep recipes. 100% vegan recipes, mostly high-protein and many gluten-free options.

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We’ve packaged 30 of our most popular, most-loved plant-based meal-prep recipes into one convenient, easy-to-use ebook.

  • nutritionist-approved
  • plant-based (100% vegan)
  • many high protein recipes (+30 g protein per serving)
  • many gluten-free recipes
  • allergen & nutritional information for all recipes


  • Save time by batching your meal preparation (including prep, cooking, and cleaning).
  • Ensure you’re achieving a balanced intake of essential nutrients.
  • Eliminate the daily stress of meal planning.
  • View the ebook on any device, making it easy to cook along to.

Included recipes

Marry My Chicken Pasta Vegan meal prep in glass jars
High-Protein Vegan Marry Me Pasta
Burrito Bowl meal prep in containers
Burrito Bowl Meal Prep
Sarah with the containers of the Romesco Pasta Salad Meal Prep
Romesco Pasta Salad Meal Prep
High protein vegan lasagna in meal prep containers
High Protein Vegan Lasagna Meal Prep

And many more…

Meal prepping on a plant-based diet is a game-changer. By dedicating just a little bit of time each week to preparing your meals, you’re setting yourself up for a healthier, more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle.

I love to meal prep, especially when a busy week is on the horizon or when I anticipate that I’m going to be low on time or energy. There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry at the end of the day and facing the task of deciding what to eat, cooking, and dealing with the dishes. On the flip side, it’s incredibly satisfying to finish a hectic day and remember that a delicious, nourishing meal is ready and waiting in the fridge, and all you have to do is heat it up!

So, I urge you to give these meal-prep recipes a try. There are so many great ones, and they’ve all been a huge hit with our community.

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30 Plant-Based Meal Prep Recipes by Sarah Cobacho ebook Cover30 Plant-Based Meal Prep Recipes
$19.95 USD