100 Nourishing Recipes for Every Meal

By Sarah Cobacho | Nutritionist
& creator of plantbaes

Add joy and diversity to your plates with 100 plant-based recipes for every occasion―making it easier than ever to stay nourished. Every dish is crafted by Sarah Cobacho, nutritionist and creator of plantbaes, to make you feel your best and cover all your nutritional needs. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan, vegetarian or just looking to feed your family more plant-focused meals, this is the cookbook for you.

Get ready to dive into Mediterranean-inspired flavors and protein-rich recipes like the Romesco Pasta or the Roasted Potato & Tzatziki Bowl. While meals like the Fiesta Bowl and Okinawa Bowl showcase how easy it can be to eat the rainbow. And twists on classics like the Kale Miso Caesar Salad with Crispy Quinoa and wow-worthy Lasagna Verde will have you excited to eat your greens.

With nutritional information for each recipe and helpful tips throughout, it’s never been easier to get the nutrients necessary to live your best plant-based life.

“Welcome to a journey that’s all about nourishing your body, satisfying your taste buds, and embracing the power of plants.

Whether you are a seasoned vegan or just looking to add more plants to your plates, this book is designed to empower you in the kitchen and help make plant-based eating easy, nutritious, and delicious!”

– Sarah Cobacho


Sophie Waplington of Sophsplantkitchen

Qualified nutritionist plus talented plant-based cook equals a mouth-watering array of wonderful recipes, all perfectly nutritious as they are delicious.

If you’re looking to welcome more plants into your diet, you’re in good hands with Sarah.”

– Sophie Waplington @sophsplantkitchen


I adore everything that Sarah produces, and ‘The Ultimate Plant-Based Cookbook’ is no exception.

Filled with flavorful, hearty, and wholesome meals to savor, I wanted to grab and eat each one straight out of the page. I also love how each recipe is crafted to care for the health and nourishment of our bodies. I couldn’t recommend this cookbook enough!”

– Chloe Wheatland @chloeevegan

‘The Ultimate Plant-Based Cookbook’ is bursting with flavor-packed recipes that are approachable, nourishing, and innovative. I want to cook from this book every day, for the rest of my life!”

– Anthea Cheng @rainbownourishments

Tess Begg

This cookbook has everything you need to thrive on a plant-based diet. Sarah’s take on plant-based eating is nourishing and delicious, and all of these recipes are exactly that!”

– Tess Begg @tessbegg

Liz Douglas of Glow Diaries

Colorful, vibrant, and loaded with flavor! Sarah’s recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy – perfect for busy people who want to feel their best.”

– Liz Douglas @glowdiaries

about the author

Sarah Cobacho is a plant-based nutritionist, food blogger and social media creator born in the South of France. Sarah now resides in Sydney, Australia, working with her partner, Cam, to create content under the name “plantbaes.”

Sarah discovered her passion for cooking at a young age, thanks to countless hours spent in the kitchen with her father and grandmother. Today, Sarah applies that love along with her expertise as a qualified nutritionist to create delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes, while Cam uses his media production experience to package their content in a way that reaches as many people as possible.

Sarah’s ongoing mission is to help people eat more plants and live healthier, happier lives at every stage of their journey.