30 Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

Author: Sarah Cobacho | Posted: December 5, 2023

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Looking for vegan-friendly gift ideas these holidays? We’ve got you covered. Before you think of stuffing your vegan friend or family member’s Christmas stocking with a bunch of carrots, check out these totally vegan Christmas gifts that anyone will adore! 🎄✨

Kitchen Gifts


Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

My go-to blender. We’ve been using this model for years. It’s so powerful and perfect for soups, smoothies, nut butter, and much more!


Salad Bowl

A beautiful salad bowl will inspire anyone to eat more salads!


Rotating Spice Rack

Add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen bench while making cooking even easier.


Nutribullet Personal Blender

Effortlessly blend fruits, vegetables, liquids, and so much more into nutritious smoothies. Drink straight from the jug, and so easy to clean!


Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

An aesthetic all-in-one kit to measure ingredients.


Drinking Glasses with Bamboo Lids

Stylish drinking glasses with bamboo lids and glass straws.


Best-Selling Vegetable Chopper

Make veggie chopping and meal prepping a breeze. Just close the lid and cut foods directly into the 1.2L collection tray without the mess of a knife and cutting board.


Microwave Popcorn Maker

A super easy way to make healthy popcorn for movie nights!


Sprouting Jar Kit

This sprouting set is ideal for growing fresh, super nourishing sprouts (like our favorite, broccoli sprouts) at home. They’re so easy to use!


Matcha Kit

This 10-piece matcha tool set, inspired by traditional Japanese utensils, includes 8 tools for making matcha and 2 measuring implements, perfect for creating authentic Japanese matcha tea and your morning matcha lattes.


Ecology Plates and Bowls

I adore Ecology’s range of homeware, particularly their dinner sets!


Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

12 sets of glass food storage containers with lids. So handy for keeping leftovers and meal prep!


Linen Apron for the Kitchen

100% Linen apron, perfect for baking or cooking during a dinner party! Fits all sizes, multiple stylish, Earthy colors to choose from.


Breville Espresso Coffee Machine

Make your own cafe-quality coffees from home! Breville makes the absolute BEST home coffee machines.


Bamboo Chopping Board

Every plant-based chef needs a solid chopping board and this one, made from bamboo, is the perfect gift!


Herb Garden Kit

This indoor herb and vegetable growing kit, with energy-efficient LED lights and over 50 pre-seeded plant options, is an effortless and versatile gift for growing and transplanting a variety of plants indoors or outdoors, no green thumb required.


GreenPan 10-Piece Pots and Pans Set

This 10-piece pots and pans set features a durable, scratch-resistant design with a health-conscious, non-toxic ceramic nonstick coating and a uniform heat distribution base, ideal for safe and efficient cooking. Plus they come in gorgeous colors!


Overnight Oats Vintage Mugs

This set of four vintage coffee mugs, including two with sunflower patterns and two with raindrop patterns, comes with rose-gold spoons and bamboo lids, offering an elegant, durable, and practical choice for any beverage, making it an ideal gift for special occasions.


Ninja Air Fryer

This family-sized air fryer offers a healthy cooking option with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying, featuring a wide temperature range, 4-in-1 versatility for various cooking methods, and easy-to-clean parts, making it a convenient and versatile kitchen appliance.


Reusable Produce Bags

This set of Cadrim silicone bags, including two large, two medium, and two small sizes, is microwave and dishwasher safe, offers an airtight, leakproof seal for freshness, and is space-efficient, environmentally friendly, and ideal for storing a variety of items.

Self-Care Gifts


Lush Vegan Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs are such a treat for anyone, especially for vegans! They’re all about fun and relaxation, bursting with gorgeous colors and made with kind, natural ingredients. They’re a perfect little gift to make bath time extra special. You can always purchase a gift card if you can’t decide on what to get!


Cute Animals Ears Headbands

This set of four animal ear headbands, featuring soft, fluffy, elastic microfiber fleece in different colors, is versatile for makeup application, facial treatments, yoga, or exercise and makes a perfect gift with its cute cat, bear, deer, and bunny designs.

Vegan Fashion Gifts


Sans Beast Handbags

Sans Beast designs premium vegan handbags, straps, and wallets, focusing on ethical, slow, and considered production for style-seeking, animal-loving individuals, aiming for a kinder and more sustainable fashion world.


GHD Hair Straightener

The GHD hair straightener is perfect for its quick styling, perfect heat technology, and gorgeous gold design, making every hair day a good one.

Health-Related Gifts


Sauna Blanket by Bon Charge

This is one of my favorite products! I’m able to enjoy the amazing benefits of infrared sauna in the comfort of my home. It’s so good for any aches and pains and just extremely relaxing!


Walking Pad/Under Desk Treadmill

I really enjoy my walking pad/treadmill for its blend of convenience and comfort; it’s just what I need for my home workouts while at my desk, with the bonus of being easy to store and move around.


Stanley Reusable Water Bottle

I’ve been seeing this amazing tumbler all over TikTok after it survived a car fire! It’s super handy with its ergonomic handle, fits in most cupholders, and has this awesome leakproof flip straw. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.


The Pilates Class Subscription

I absolutely love The Pilates Class by Jacqui Kingswell. They offer a comprehensive fitness experience with over 220 varied workouts, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, and include nutritious recipes, all tailored to empower and transform your body. This would be a great subscription to give as a gift!


Whoop Fitness Tracker

The WHOOP fitness tracker includes a 12-month membership, a comfortable band, and a waterproof battery pack, offering continuous health monitoring and personalized insights for your goals, with convenient on-the-go charging and dedicated 24/7 member support. Gift this to someone who loves tracking their health data!

Home & Lifestyle Gifts


Soy Candle

Anovina’s natural soy wax blend candles, hand-poured in the USA with pet-safe, human-safe scented oils, offer a strong, long-lasting fragrance in scents like Vanilla Marshmallow and Fresh Cut Rose, ideal for creating relaxing, romantic vibes and making a beautifully-packaged gift.

Last-Minute Bonus Vegan Gift Ideas

The Proof Is in the Plants by Simon Hill

Simon Hill’s book offers practical advice for adopting a plant-based diet, debunking myths and presenting scientific evidence of its health and environmental benefits, perfect for anyone curious about improving their well-being and contributing positively to the planet.

30 Plant-Based Meal Prep Recipes by Sarah Cobacho

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